About Us

Noscentia – a leading provider of Business Intelligence(BI) Consulting and Education Services throughout North America, founded in the late 90's by individuals who recognized the market for superior expertise in the rapidly emerging BI arena.

With offices on both coasts together with an impressive network of contacts and resources both at home and abroad, our consultants thrive with ease in providing a vital factor to any client's success – namely experience. Our contributions and proven track record to Fortune 500 companies and beyond keeps our on site and remote support engagements a constant reality.

An investment in leading edge software can only be as good as the expertise chartered to deliver an overall solution. Powerful analytical tools so often provide many alternatives in terms of implementation – precise knowledge of the full spectrum of choices on offer is where your company can assure itself of accelerated quality return on investment. Few companies can afford the inefficient process of 'application discovery' – instead – reward yourself with precision style candid on-demand 'application expertise' and resultant superior performance. Consider how the adoption of industry best practices in the area of Business Intelligence can benefit your company from inception and achieve that elusive competitive edge.

A mission statement is easy to compose but often more challenging to deliver upon. Noscentia whose name is derived from the Latin word for 'knowledge' formed its mission statement following our proven track record - "Business Intelligence. Delivered". In summary our high caliber consulting team is so often the key to a successful BI implementation.

The Business Intelligence Market

Business Intelligence normally refers to a process, a function and a product. Richard Greene (1966) has defined the BI product as the "processed information of interest to management about the present and future environment in which the business is operating." Benjamin Gilad (1988) has identified its possible areas of coverage as: competitors, growth opportunities, markets, technological, political, economic and social environments, demographics, suppliers and acquisition candidates.

Despite the age of the BI concept - the market around which all BI applications revolve continues to expand at an ever more explosive rate. According to Gartner, Inc. BI revenues will reach $13.8 billion in 2013 with a market forecast reaching $17.1 billion by 2016.